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weekly Word of encouragement – 28 Apr-20

Mt 11:28-30

4 thoughts on “tcc weekly Word #6

  1. Thanks Orban,
    I had just finished moving my lazyboy just enough so it was possible to get my box of winter bedding behind it You can imagine my tiredness. So I quickly unloaded another chalr so there was some place for me to put my tired back. As I sat down I remembered I hadn’t read your email. In my hurry to see what mail I had and read your heading. “Good News for you” I was over joyed to get GOOD news from you. Then I reread the statement and was pleased to know it was your weekly encouragement, That’s exactly what it was for me. Thanks again for that Word to my heart and soul.

  2. Wonderful message you always seem to know were I need you to preach because I needed this after my dr appointment thanks

  3. I love it when God is so evident in the directing and choosing of messages. Glad He touched you with this message, Pauline.

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