9-…or Offense

Part 2 of 2 as we continue to look at some responses to Jesus and His ministry.

Mark 6:1-6

weekly Word 17-May-22

Another stanza in Psalm 119. Some awesome declarations and statements of practicality in this weeks passage.

tcc’s weekly Word for 17-May-22

8-Faith or…

Part 1 of 2 as we look at some of the responses to Jesus’ miracles and teaching


7-“Testimony Time”

Back into Mark for some more of Jesus’ amazing actions, and our responses to them – Mark 5:1-20

weekly Word 3-May-22

A very practical prayer for daily life along with some of the heart and desire of the Psalmist in this week’s passage – Psalm 119:129-136

tcc’s weekly Word for 3-May-22

A Tale of Two People

A break from our regular series on the fifth Friday of the month.

A word of hope and encouragement from Jeremiah.

3-First Things First

A look at Ezra 3 – the priorities of the the returning exiles and what that looks like today in 2022.

weekly Word 20-Apr-22

Psalm 119:121-128 – Stanza 16 (using the NIV today)

tcc’s weekly Word for 20-Apr-22

6-The WORD on the Cross (Good Friday)

Our Good Friday service for 2022 – perhaps a little different than your “normal” Good Friday Service…

Mark 4:1-20

Suggested memory verse – Mark 4:20