weekly Word 19-Oct-21

Some very positive perspectives from Psalm 119. Verses 41-48 – a stanza of good news and encouragement.

tcc’s weekly Word for 19-Oct-21

weekly Word 13-Oct-21

Psalm 119:32-40 – One of my all-time favourite prayers!

tcc’s weekly Word for 13-Oct-21

17-The Rich and The Poor

Some similarities and some differences in these two groups. And perhaps some things you hadn’t thought of before…

Memory verse for this week: James 5:8

Also an announcement for the upcoming Shoebox season.

weekly Word 28-Sep-21

Psalm 119:25-32 – the fourth stanza

Where do we turn when we desperately need help?

weekly Word 15-Sep-21

Back into Psalm 119 today, the third stanza, Ps 119:17-24

tcc’s weekly Word for 15-aug-21