weekly Word 13-Apr-22

Some time in the Word and around the Lord’s Table

tcc’s weekly Word for 13-April-22

weekly Word 8-Feb-22

Communion time again along with a look at the next Psalm of Ascent.

tcc’s weekly Word for 8-Feb-22

weekly Word 11-Jan-22

Our first communion weekly Word for 2022

For our communion meditations, we begin a look at the “Ascents”


weekly Word 9-Nov-21

Communion time again with a touch of Remembrance Day reminders.

tcc’s weekly Word for 9-Nov-21

21-So, What Have We Learned?

Our Wrap-Up for the Series “Growing the Body of Christ”

James; 2Peter 1:2-9; Ephesians 4:1-16

It is also a Communion Service and you are welcome to join with us.